Our Programs - Toddlers

The Toddler Program, for children ages 2 to 3, is designed to assist the child in taking important first steps away from home into a nurturing, supportive and stimulating school environment. Children develop independence and respect for others, as well as acquire sensory, motor, practical life, language, pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Within the Toddler Room, the toddler-sized furniture, as well as the specially designed Montessori materials for this age group, provide an environment young children can explore with a sense of mastery. Activities are designed to promote self-care, develop gross and fine motor skills, foster increasing concentration and ability to absorb and follow multi-step directions and to develop social skills.

Young Toddler students learn to work independently in the classroom, taking materials from the shelves, completing the steps of their work and then returning the materials to the shelves.  As they progress through the year, they begin to work collaboratively with friends and teachers.

The Classroom

Our Toddler community has a strong need to be in perpetual motion. They constantly work on their gross and fine motor skills walking through the classroom, climbing stairs, using ramps and finding material that piques their interest. Our Toddler classrooms are big and open so that the children within can explore all day long, both indoors and using our side or backyard. Children here take care of birds and fish, water plants, make friends, and most importantly learn how to take care of themselves outside of their homes. Practical Life work is everything to a Toddler, gaining more and more independence and autonomy as they learn to dress, feed, go potty and ultimately enjoy work on their own.

"The last few months have been truly amazing, I would have never imagined the independence that could develop so quickly, I was surprised that he was ready to do so much on his own" - Clément (father to Jasper)

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Toddler Teacher and Coordinator - Kim

Kim graduated from Queens College with a BA In Sociology focused on the Modern Urban Community. She has been at C'E for the past three years, and has been a trained Montessori teacher and a Lead in the Toddler classroom for the last two. She grew up a star volleyball player for her high school and college and brings lessons, warm-ups and games learned during that experience into our Toddler classroom and Extended Care program. She had previously worked helping children in Corona, Queens as part of a foundation called STACKS run by the New York City Public Libraries to bring more children into the library community through fun after school activities and tutoring programs. She is (proudly) from Queens originally and has lived in and around New York City all of her life, her roots and extended family are from Ecuador. She is C'E's go-to teacher for training new staff in having fun on the playground.

Meet our Toddler Team
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Toddler Lead - Johanna

Johanna was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She's seen this community change quite a bit which makes one of her goals while at C'E to connect the school with the community she grew up in. She believes we are all one and hopes to honor this oneness - enjoying the ebbs and flows of the Toddler classroom communities that she helps create and guide. She is daughter to two Dominican immigrants, and the first generation of her family born in the US. Growing up, she attended public school in the neighborhood. In the traditional school system she would often imagine and create a dream school in her head, only to find out several years later that her imaginary school is very much like C'E Montessori, a school that she has helped create and grow. Johanna graduated from FIT with a degree in textiles which led her down a path of teaching and Montessori, focused on the tactile, sensorial and fine motor skills work with hands. She earned her AMA Montessori training credentials for Primary in 2021. She has a rabbit, Kumbha and has scored a touchdown at MetLife stadium.

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Toddler Assistant - Andrea

Andrea has been working as a Primary teacher at C'E Montessori since its founding in 2017. She is originally from Puebla, Mexico, where she grew up with a mother and especially grandmother that passed along an obsession about gardening and learning about different plants. She has lived in New York City for the past 10 years, graduating from Hostos and completing her Montessori AMA training as she became a more important part of our school community. Andrea, known simply as 'Lety' to the children embodies C'E's Peace Curriculum in the almost imperceptible way she moves about the classroom and ensures that the children are happily enjoying their days. She leads our Botany curriculum and enjoys leading nature walks around our neighborhood.

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Toddler Assistant - Norma

Norma has been a foundational part of the C'E Montessori school community since 2017. She was born and raised in our neighborhood before moving to the Lower East Side as an adult to attend Touro College for an Elementary Education degree and start a family. In the classroom she brings a loving, tender family feel to children sometimes experiencing their first time away from home and is a great asset in bridging that gap for the Toddler classroom. She loves to sing and is a talented musician, she does so each week in the classroom and every weekend at her church. Norma is a beloved mainstay of our community and an important support to our staff and children.