Our Programs - Toddlers

The Toddler Program, for children ages 2 to 3, is designed to assist the child in taking important first steps away from home into a nurturing, supportive and stimulating school environment. Children develop independence and respect for others, as well as acquire sensory, motor, practical life, language, pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Within the Toddler Room, the toddler-sized furniture, as well as the specially designed Montessori materials for this age group, provide an environment young children can explore with a sense of mastery. Activities are designed to promote self-care, develop gross and fine motor skills, foster increasing concentration and ability to absorb and follow multi-step directions and to develop social skills.

Young Toddler students learn to work independently in the classroom, taking materials from the shelves, completing the steps of their work and then returning the materials to the shelves.  As they progress through the year, they begin to work collaboratively with friends and teachers.

"The last few months have been truly amazing, I would have never imagined the independence that could develop so quickly, I was surprised that he was ready to do so much on his own" - A Toddler parent.