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Our Earth

Taking care of our planet is a work that begins in our Toddler classroom and is featured throughout our school. Our children first work tirelessly on caring for themselves, gaining more independence each day. Then, they start taking care of other communities they belong to. They care for their classroom, they care for their friends, and they begin to care for the plants and animals of our world.

Ecology is a cornerstone of our Peace Education curriculum. Children learn about moderation, preservation, recycling, while building a lifelong relationship with our Earth and understanding their responsibility in taking care of it.

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Green Curriculum

We build an exciting relationship to our natural world early on by exploring and enjoying nature. Weekly excursions to the community gardens in our neighborhood, collections and catalogs of leaves, rocks, and flowers at our parks, a thriving garden of our own all contribute to growing involved with nature.

Later, we model how to take care of our classroom plants through lessons in Practical Life, adopt trees on our street, and grow a garden of our own using recycled organic food waste and worm composting.

In our Primary and Lower Elementary classrooms we discuss our responsibility as part of the planet and actively commit to sustainability, exploring together the dangerous causes and effects of global warming.

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Growing in Brooklyn

Our Garden

A garden helps children learn about the environment and the food that they eat. Gardening encourages children to get outside and be more physically active. Growing together is a great way to bond socially and as a classroom, teaching strong co-operative skills. Best of all, with an organic garden, you know exactly what substances you encounter. Our outdoor garden allows us the perfect setting to grow food for our snacks and seasoning. April through November our children grow herbs, veggies, and flowers to decorate our classroom.