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Our Primary Program welcomes children between 3 to 6 years of age. It is in the Primary classroom that children become the centered, motivated, focused learners that they will be for the rest of their lives.  Maria Montessori called this process “normalization”:  She believed that the natural (or “normal”) state of the child is that of an eager learner.  Through observation and experimentation, she developed an early childhood program and curriculum that maintains and encourages this state.  Modern educational research supports Montessori’s work:  A learning environment that provides order, encourages exploration, permits movement, encourages choice, allows for pursuit of interests, provides manipulatives for learning, avoids extrinsic rewards and is socially interactive provides superior educational outcomes.

Three years later we still talk all the time about why choosing this for our child has been the best decision we could have made. Bottom line is : C'E has soul!" Aurelie + Maurice

The Classroom

Every detail in the Primary classroom matters and must be designed to allow children the greatest amount of independence in the classroom as well as a true sense of ownership. Because the classroom belongs only to the child, it does not have any furniture or materials that belong to adults. Children work on mats, tables, and chowkis growing in their practice within the five different curricular areas of the classroom : Sensorial, Practical Life, Math, Language and Cultural. Each morning a 3-hour work cycle allows students to practice materials they enjoy, work collaboratively with friends, and receive lessons individually or in small groups to open up different paths through the curriculum.

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Primary Lead and Coordinator - Jordan

Jordan received their B.A. in Education Studies from New York University. Though their major focused on education from an interdisciplinary perspective, they feel most energized while in the classroom with children, which is what has been their focus during the last few years. Before coming to C'E Montessori Jordan worked in classrooms and tutoring centers with young people of different backgrounds and grade levels. They have spent time working with English Language Learners, and adult learners in Rikers Island through a visual arts and human rights education non-profit. They are an AMA certified Montessori Primary teacher, eager to learn more and more about teaching young children about advocating for themselves and others. They spend a lot of their free time painting and drawing and studies Quechua, hoping to move to Peru one day and work in Quechua communities. They joined C'E Montessori in 2020 looking forward to being a part of a community that values anti-racist education, gender inclusivity, and sustainability. 

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Primary Lead and Coordinator - Siri

Siri is a Lead Teacher in our Primary (3-6) classroom and the coordinator of the program. She has lived her life in and around New York City, graduating from the New School with a specialization in teaching Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. In this, Siri carves out one of her most important contributions to the classroom and to our school community in general. When reimagining Peace Education and the responsibility to develop lasting peace in the 21st century C’E recognizes the central importance of guiding children towards protecting our environment. Siri helps in creating and implementing curriculum from the Toddler to Lower Elementary classrooms that foster a relationship between the child and the environment that grows from appreciation to care to activism. She also leans in on her experience and love for design and decor in creating classroom spaces that are beautiful, attractive to children and enriched.

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Culture Director - Sophia

Sophia is one of the Lead Teachers in our Primary (3-6) classroom and our Director of Culture. Her work as a community leader centers on discussing and defining what it means to be a teacher at C'E Montessori and how to work towards accomplishing our school's mission. She collaborates with parents to narrow the gap between our classrooms and their homes - a job that begins even before children arrive at C'E. One of the tools at her disposal is the monthly newsletter that discusses how we use incentives at school and at home called ‘C’E Praise’. In it, our community sounds off on their experiences with different types of praise, the short and long term outcome of each. She provides educational guidance and events for families to learn about Montessori and our important work here at school. She also ensures that families have opportunities and space to reciprocate with their culture and community both amongst parents and with the children at school. Her classrooms are warm, inviting, peaceful spaces where children are respected and loved.

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Primary Lead and Music Director - Victoria

Victoria is from Argentina and first came to C'E Montessori as a visiting teacher for a Spanish immersion experience through music. She is an artist first, a proud graduate from AMDA Integrated Conservatory in NYC after training at the Fundación Julio Bocca in Buenos Aires. She sings, dances and acts through each one of her days at C'E Montessori and outside of school in performances at Teatro Sea, LATEA and Cuchame theatre among others. She has been an important part of school for the past four years, and in 2020 decided to complete her Montessori training and take on a Lead Teacher role in one of our Primary classrooms. Victoria injects artistic flair into everything she does, nap-time included, but most notably plans, designs and runs the C'E Montessori Winter Concert. This yearly December event is the culmination of the fall semester and a great way for children at our school to take on different responsibilities and roles in developing voice and stage presence.

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