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Developing a great early relationship with real food and its impact on our health is a big part of our curriculum. We have monthly tastings, meet about menus, have weeklong snack helpers that prepare food for our whole school, grow our own food in the garden and explore culture through food. Our children eat together at tables, from plates using silverware, they wash their own dishes and clean up after themselves, leaving the space ready for the next friend like we learn to do in the classroom. Food time is a perfect time to learn social skills and is a time children should and do enjoy at school.

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Growing in Brooklyn

Our Garden

A garden helps children learn about the environment and the food that they eat. Gardening encourages children to get outside and be more physically active. Growing together is a great way to bond socially and as a classroom, teaching strong co-operative skills. Best of all, with an organic garden, you know exactly what substances you encounter. Our outdoor garden allows us the perfect setting to grow food for our snacks and seasoning. April through November our children grow herbs, veggies, and flowers to decorate our classroom.

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Organic Snack

C'E Montessori prides itself on serving organic food for both the morning and afternoon snack. Our Primary classroom children prepare the food along with their teachers each morning, following a menu full of organic and whole foods that provide the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow. We post a monthly snack schedule and are very vigilant about children’s allergies and respecting parents’ choices as to what is served to their children.

We provide organic ingredients for classroom cooking projects throughout the year which we try to do as often as possible to instill a love of cooking and healthy food. Preschoolers do better with organic whole foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Primary Specialist - Erica

Erica graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at University of Massachusetts Amherst. She first worked at Kitchen Little Cooking School in Upper East Side where she oversaw their entire cooking program. She spent time working at Allergic To Salad where she visited different schools in Park Slope everyday to teach cooking classes for elementary and middle school aged children. She joined C'E Montessori with the hopes of bringing a new depth and automation to their path through nutrition. Erica grew up on Long Island, New York. She's been dancing her way through life and is trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. She taught contemporary dance to high schoolers for 6 years, but when the pandemic hit, stepped away from dancing to focus on her career as a nutritionist. Over the years she has developed a passion for snowboarding and aerial silks.

Our food program