The Arts at C'E

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“…an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels.”

Maria Montessori

Arts Festival

The C'E Annual Spring Arts Festival celebrates the talents and effort of children, parents, and staff in the school community. The Saturday morning event is a culmination of artwork created throughout the year and curated by teachers and an elementary student committee. Graphic arts, ceramics and sculpting, stop-motion animation, collage, and more are just some of the expressions explored.

Winter Concert

At the winter concert, students choose one of the five 'great lessons' from the elementary Montessori curriculum and bring it to life through music. Every child at school participates in this song, performance and dance collaboration presented to parents and guests each December. Children taking piano and ukulele lessons through school also have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers.

Primavera Musical

Under the leadership of musical theater educator and artist Victoria Raigorodsky students take the stage each spring for a Spanish language performance. The musical is prepared throughout the year in a dedicated class led by Ms. Raigorodsky and visiting artists who share their love for Latin-American and Spanish dance, children's theater and highlighting different Latine directors and music.

Watch our latest Primavera Musical.

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Primary Lead and Music Director - Victoria

Victoria is from Argentina and first came to C'E Montessori as a visiting teacher for a Spanish immersion experience through music. She is an artist first, a proud graduate from AMDA Integrated Conservatory in NYC after training at the Fundación Julio Bocca in Buenos Aires. She sings, dances and acts through each one of her days at C'E Montessori and outside of school in performances at Teatro Sea, LATEA and Cuchame theatre among others. She has been an important part of school for the past four years, and in 2020 decided to complete her Montessori training and take on a Lead Teacher role in one of our Primary classrooms. Victoria injects artistic flair into everything she does, nap-time included, but most notably plans, designs and runs the C'E Montessori Winter Concert. This yearly December event is the culmination of the fall semester and a great way for children at our school to take on different responsibilities and roles in developing voice and stage presence.

Arts at C'E Montessori