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Our Mission

At C'E Montessori we prepare the child to transform their world, without prejudice to what that world will be, which child will transform it or how it needs to be transformed. We respect the potential of the child and the fundamentals of our ideas enough to allow our students to imagine that world different.

c'e Montessori - Logo


Every child has a job in a Montessori classroom. They are teachers to younger friends, chefs for their classmates, caretakers of all living things and masters of their space. Mixed age groupings allow powerful communities to thrive and present children early experience in leadership as well as empathy and patience.

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At C'E Montessori, each of our programs is multi-aged and responsive to the needs of the children within them. Our spaces are flexible, our children are afforded the opportunity to lead and look forward at every turn. Each one of our traditional Montessori classrooms is bi-lingual (Spanish/English), supported by visiting specialists, accountable online and anchored in the ideals of passion, independence and mastery.

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The Space

C'E Montessori is located in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Our classrooms are open, beautiful and expertly designed to the smallest detail. Every afternoon children and teachers reset all aspects of their space to restore it perfectly for the next morning. We care about our spaces. Each classroom has an indoor and outdoor component, each connected to our private side garden or our backyard garden. During each work cycle children can choose to work inside or outside.

Special Events

Saturday, March 27th - Sunday, April 4th | C'E STEM Fair

Friday, May 28th | Spring Report Cards

Thursday, June 17th | Spring Arts Festival


In any classroom, the greatest freedom comes in a perfectly organized and accountable system. By closely tracking student data we create an environment that is adaptable to each student's unique path through the curriculum. Then, we make that data transparent, interesting and available to number-conscious parents, so that they are willing to embark on that adventure alongside their children. Our self-designed app shares student progress in real-time.

Year Round

Free of constraints of group scheduling - our school year is constant. Vacations are taken whenever is convenient, data follows students. Forget compromising crucial family adventures and experiences. No more summer drop-off, scheduling nightmares or life decisions depending on school.

"We could tell the moment we walked into C'E Montessori and saw how they were treating the children and each other that it was the right school for Jamie. He has been so happy and grown so much over the past two years"

Fabrice + Melanie


c'e Montessori Brooklyn

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