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Our Mission

At c'e Montessori we prepare the child to transform their world, without prejudice to what that world will be, which child will transform it or how it needs to be transformed. We respect the potential of the child and the fundamentals of our ideas enough to ignore the realities of this world long enough to allow our students to imagine it different.

c'e Montessori - Logo


Everyone has a job in a Montessori classroom. Everyone is a teacher to their peers and learns from their peers. Because we realize the importance of this in developing patience and confidence, Montessori classrooms are multi-aged.

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In our Primary program 2, 3 and 4-year-old students work cooperatively and independently in the prepared environment. Our traditional Montessori curriculum includes language skills, mathematics, reading and writing, geography, science, and culture. Beyond these focus areas, children are encouraged to become increasingly independent and active participants in the learning process.

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The Space

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In a classroom, the greatest freedom comes in a perfectly organized and accountable system. By closely tracking student data we create the greatest possible freedom. Then, we make that data transparent, interesting and available to number-conscious parents, so that they are willing to embark in the adventure alongside their children.

Year Round

Free of constraints of group scheduling - our school year is constant. Vacations are taken whenever is convenient, data follows students. Forget compromising crucial family adventures and experiences. No more summer drop-off, scheduling nightmares or life decisions depending on school.

c’e Montessori is a great school,
with an amazing staff. My son has made
so much progress since he began attending.”

c'e Montessori Founding Parent