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Summer 2023 at C'E 🌞

Come enjoy a summer amongst friends, parks and the sun with us at C'E Montessori. Our offerings for summer camps this year center around being constantly outdoors, enjoying our neighborhood, picnicking in our green spaces and having a blast with friends. Children between 2 and 9 years old can now sign up and choose from different camp options.

Month-long camps (July and/or August) include adventures in our neighborhood parks, dungeons and dragons, building our new school, Into the Woods the Montessori Musical and more. All camps are designed to take advantage of being able to spend a whole two months outdoors.

We are Montessorians first and foremost, but do not expect Montessori materials or sequential lessons during our camp months. Instead, teacher-made materials will be available relying still on small group lessons and a work cycle and independent time for children to explore materials that are more thematic and less academic in nature. An interesting introduction to the Montessori work flow for your children.

For Enrollment, Email Completed Form :

Camps and Prices
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Dungeons and Dragons

5-10 yo children | 5 July - 28 July

Out of the basement and into our parks, role-play, build worlds and characters and adventure with your friends at C’E. Other playground games like ‘capture the flag’, ‘hopscotch’, ‘4-square’, and jump rope are included in this picnicking camp. Some swords and monstering should be expected. Get ready : LARPing will be added onto the Dungeons and Dragons program this summer.

Choose your Path
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C'E Summer of Arts

2-4 yo children | 5 July - 28 July

The second act of our Spring Arts Festival will be the C’E Summer of Arts camp where children will create different types of artwork each day and make lasting art for our school and your homes. Puppets, marionettes, clay-modeling, dance and more. Naps between 1:30p-3:15p

Paint your dream summer
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The Addams Family, a Spooky Montessori Musical Camp

3-6 yo children | 5 July - 28 July

The Addams Family will be the main of many adventures in musical theater during this 4-week camp. We will practice singing, acting, dancing and play different roles in our Montessori musical. At the end of the four weeks our children will perform for parents and show off all the moves and tunes they have learned at school in a side-yard performance for the ages. No naps, must be potty trained.

Join the Itt Crowd
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2-3 yo Children | 5 July - 28 July

Children in our Toddler Community will start off the summer by donning their best swimsuit and exploring our neighborhood playground water features. They will join Arts Festival at times but mostly take off on their own and spend the days enjoying the outdoors. Sunglasses, water shoes, sunblock, water hats are all must haves at this great Brooklyn camp. Naps between 1:30-3p.

Get wet and wild
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Yoga Teacher Camp

6-10 YO CHILDREN | 31 July - 25 August

Spend the first three weeks of yoga teacher camp learning different disciplines, practices and routines of a yoga teacher. Visit neighborhood studios to understand the set-up and replicate this at our school to open our child yoga studio to the public for the final week of camp. Our campers will all get a chance to write a routine, to lead a class, set up a studio, help with marketing and welcome child and adult yogis to their space.

Namaste this summer!
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Movie Magic Camp

4-6 YO CHILDREN | 31 July - 25 August

Puppets, costumes, music, dance, claymation, stop-motion and set design are all part of a camp where children in groups of 5 are tasked with making a movie for a last day festival. Children learn how to storyboard and make an idea come to life through writing a script, creating characters, building backgrounds and filming. In editing, children will choose music, edit out content, create transitions and get a final cut of their films ready for the C'E Summer Film Festival. iPads and screens are used in this camp.

Make the Cut
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Parks and Rec

2-5 yo Children | 31 July - 25 August

Bring plenty of sunscreen for this camp that uses our classrooms as home-base to explore our neighborhoods' parks. Berry Playground, Domino Park, La Guardia and Grand Street will be our local haunts during this month of play and discovery. Naps between 1:15p-3p.

Explore Williamsburg
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Build-a-School Camp

3-5 yo children | 31 July - 25 August

C'E Montessori is expanding next year and needs help building the gardens, spaces and materials to ready our libraries, classrooms and outdoor spaces for September. At this camp children will use screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, drills and more to put together our new school. This camp will split time between 117 S. 3rd and 305 Berry on the corner as the work spaces. Naps between 1:30-3p.

Build our School