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Summer 2024 at C'E 🌞

Come enjoy a summer amongst friends, parks and, the sun with us at C'E Montessori. Our offerings for summer camps this year center around being constantly outdoors, enjoying our neighborhood, picnicking in our green spaces and having a blast with friends. Children between 2 and 10 years old can now sign up and choose from different camp options.

Month-long camps (July and/or August) include adventures in our neighborhood parks, making jewelry, ultimate frisbee, Wicked the Montessori Musical and more. All camps are designed to take advantage of being able to spend a whole two months outdoors.

We are Montessorians first and foremost, but do not expect Montessori materials or sequential lessons during our camp months. Instead, teacher-made materials will be available relying still on small group lessons and a work cycle and independent time for children to explore materials that are more thematic and less academic in nature. An interesting introduction to the Montessori work flow for your children.

For Enrollment, Email Completed Form :

Camps and Prices
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ImaginationStation: Summer of LARPing

6-9 yo children | 1 July - 26 July

Mythical creatures, wizardry, and quests, embark your child on the journey of lifetime in this camp that allows them to choose their fantasy journey. 🔮👽From role playing in mystical quests, to creating their own characters these big imaginations will learn magic tricks, and embark on the Dungeons and Dragons adventure of lifetime.  

Begin Your Quest
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Urban Splash Explorers

2-4 yo children | 29 July - 23 August

Unleash the spirit of adventure in your toddlers at the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our camp takes little ones to Domino Park and Grand Street Park for daily water escapades. Join the Urban Splash Explorers for a summer of urban discovery and aquatic delights. We explore the magical sprinkler parks at Domino Park and Grand Street Park daily. Foster a love for exploration and make a splash in the city with us! 💦🌆 #UrbanSplashExplorers #BrooklynSummerCamp Naps between 1:30p-3:15p

Dive In!
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Wicked The Musical Camp

3-7 yo children | 1 July - 26 July

Popular, this camp will be PoOpuLar! ❣️Your child will be chaaaanged for the better after taking part in our Musical Camp. This is our fourth Musical Summer Camp, led by actress, singer, and producer, Victoria Raigorodsky. These campers will perfect their dancing, singing, and set design skills. At the end of the four weeks, they will put on a show for all of their families and the C’E Montessori Campers. Trust your intuition, close your eyes, and leaaaaap! #WickedTheMusical #4YearsGoingStrong

Defy Gravity Now
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Ultimate Frisbee Camp

6-10 yo Children | 29 July - 23 August

Ultimate Frisbee Coach, Coach Joe, takes the lead in this intensive Ultimate Frisbee Camp. 🏃🎽Grand St and Domino Park are not ready for what’s about to hit them! Ultimate Frisbee is a no-contact team sport played with a frisbee. A team gains points by reaching the end zone with the frisbee. Joe will teach your children the fundamentals of Ultimate frisbee, from throwing a frisbee to passing. The children will learn the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, playing scrimmages with one another. #Let’sGo #DISCo #Don’tDropIt

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BodyBuilding Camp

7-10 YO CHILDREN | 1 July - 26 July

Fitness, finesse, and drive! Join C’E Montessori for BodyBuilding Camp, a camp all about health & wellness, fitness, nutrition, and exploration. 🏃💪 Professional personal trainer, Clara, takes the lead in this camp, leading children through many different forms of exercise. Running, pilates, yoga and weight lifting are all on the agenda. Nutritious snacks like homemade energy bars are included. #Gains #GymIsLife

Get Ripped This Summer
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Ye Ole Homestead

3-6 YO CHILDREN | 29 July - 23 August

Fiber arts, mini herb gardens, and sourdough starters. Join the homesteaders in their exploration of self-sufficiency. Visits to compost sights, gardens, and local parks will teach the children how the world of agriculture is alive in Brooklyn. Pickling, food preservation, homemade soap and candles, please! #HomemadeEverything #UrbanFarmers

Country Bound!
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Parks & Picnics

2-5 yo Children | 31 July - 25 August

Baskets, blankets, ants (hopefully not 😂), oh my! Join us for a summer adventure in Picnic Camp! Each day, our campers will work together to create a delicious snack for them and their fellow campers and enjoy a picnic in the park each day. Parachute games, bubbles, chalk included! It will be un-brie-lievable! #PicnicCamp #Let’sPackALunch #We’llMakeADayOfIt

Naps between 1:15p-3p.

Pack Your Basket!
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ComiCon: The Power of Visual Storytelling

3-6 yo children | 1 July - 26 July

Explore the power of art making, doodles, collage, and literature in ComiCon Camp.💬💢 Children will share topics and ideas that interest and empower them through this DIY camp that brings the art of storytelling to life. These self-published stories and masterpieces will be curated for their own book fair. Field trips to Desert Island & Quimby’s included. #NerdVibes #SelfPublishedAuthors 

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L'Esprit Olympique

4-7 YO CHILDREN | 29 July - 23 August

Les Jeux Olympiques de Paris sont arrivées. L'esprit des jeux a Brooklyn; viens rejoindre l'equipe de Madame Josie et Madame Alton en jouant tout le sport, et aprendre plus sur les pays des cinq continents. Est-ce-que tu est pret pour aller pour l'or!? Drapeaux, Velos, et une maraton finale avec les New York Road Runners Club. 4-7. Pas de sieste.

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Jewelers Camp

7-10 | 29 July - 26 August

Immerse your child into the world of craftsmanship and creativity in Jewelry Camp. 💍💎📿Friendship bracelets, stringing beads, and jewelry pounding are musts. Unleash your inner artist through hands-on workshops, discover the secrets of timeless designs, and delve into the artistry that transforms raw materials into exquisite pieces of wearable art. Elevate your jewelry-making skills and indulge in the allure of the craft at Jewelry Camp – where every piece tells a story, and every moment sparkles with inspiration. #MakeItThenWearIt #ShineBrightLikeADiamond

Get Jeweling!