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1st Annual C'E STEM FAIR

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Welcome Brooklyn Kids...

All 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 year olds in Brooklyn are invited to come and explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in an engaging (and COVID responsible) environment. Enjoy the wonders of science and discovery by submitting a project that solves a problem or answers a question about the First Great Lesson in Montessori Elementary School : The Coming of the Universe. Projects and presentations specifically related to the study of the three states of matter : gas, liquid and solid will be accepted for consideration and presented at our fair. Read the guidelines below, submit your project to our school by Thursday, March 25th and make an appointment to come visit our STEM Fair between Saturday, March 27th and Saturday, April 3rd. Projects should be completed entirely by children, no help necessary beyond keeping to the STEM Fair Rules as this is a chance to simply enjoy problem solving and the design cycle with (virtual) friends from our neighborhood. Good luck and hope to see your project at the C'E STEM Fair.

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Project Content

What to do

1. Decide on a question or problem you want to answer or solve. (Or use one of our included questions/problems)

2. Research the question, look up background material that helps think about possible answers, solutions or project design.

3. Create an experiment/prototype/design to solve the problem or answer the question. (Or use that same question card to conduct the experiment)

4. Gather data.

5. Record your observations and share your conclusions.

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Presentation Content

What to include in your entry

1. Every entry should have a written and displayed title. The title can be the question or problem you are trying to solve.

2. Your project background information - It can be displayed using pictures, notebook pages, a traditional trifold display, a book or magazine you might have read.

3. The project itself! The prototype you used, the design you tested, the experiment you conducted. If you choose to do a project that can't be reset - like testing how quickly a piece of paper dissolves in water - you can take photos of each step and place them in order to show what happened.

4. The data you gathered.

5. The answer to the question you explored or what you learned about that question from your work in the project.

6. A video of you presenting your project should be sent to hanane@montessoribrooklyn.com. We will make your video available with a qr code as part of your display.


* Children should complete their own projects.

* No combustible liquids, open flames or other dangerous materials that can't be left unattended.

* Have fun!


* Physical submissions should be submitted to the outdoor area at 117 S. 3rd Street (our school) on Thursday, March 25th between 12p and 6p.

* Video presentations should be between one to three minutes and submitted by Thursday, March 25th to hanane@montessoribrooklyn.com


* Only one family at a time will be allowed into the STEM Fair between March 27th and April 3rd. Each family will have 30 minutes to explore the STEM Fair, watch presentations and check out experiments. Families must RSVP and choose a time to get their (free) ticket to the STEM Fair.

* Click on this link to choose a time to visit our STEM Fair.

* You will be reminded at our entrance that you must be healthy and masked to enter, and observe all C'E Montessori Safe Open Protocols while on site.

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Head of School - Hanane Zayer

Hanane Zayer has been at C'E Montessori for four years and is our Head of School. Her work centers around maintaining a top-tier Primary and Elementary program while creating cohesion through the curriculum and in our Montessori practice. She supports our teaching staff in developing curriculum and creating the best possible study paths for children at our school. She drives social initiatives at our school. In this, Hanane works hard in creating and maintaining a school environment that is inclusive to all children, teachers and people and works with our neighborhood and communities to partner for the good of the community at large. She organizes our yearly STEM Fair, inviting schools in Williamsburg, and Montessori schools beyond to participate in the event. She also coordinates our school spelling bee and prepares us to compete each year in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She was born and raised in Queens and her family comes from Morocco. She is an experienced Elementary trained Montessori teacher but has also worked at more traditional schools in NYC and in Charlotte, NC. She loves cartoons, board-games, rugby and gardening.

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