Indexed Tuition

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C'E Montessori values diversity in all respects and is committed to the accessibility and affordability of a quality education. We strive for an economically diverse student body and offer indexed tuition to families that may need support while attending our school.

Process and Timeline

To apply for Indexed Tuition at C'E Montessori, you will need the following information and documents. All documents must be submitted online directly to SSS by NAIS:

  • SSS Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with Instructions. Please see online instructions below)

  • Back-up documents for C'E Montessori.

  • 2020 & 2021 Taxes (with copies of schedules, W-2s, 1099s, etc.)

  • IRS Form 4506

If applicable, please fill out online or request the following additional forms:

  • A second Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) if you are separated, divorced or have a financially responsible parent/guardian in another household. Both parents/guardians/households must fill out and send an original copy of the PFS.

  • If you own a business or farm, you will be asked for additional information in a separate Business/Farm section

Forms can be submitted online, with instructions on the website for mailing in additional back up information.  If mailing in back up information, please submit with the cover sheet provided by SSS to: SSS by NAIS Application Processing Center P.O. Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368-0449 USA

The school code for C'E Montessori is 200159.

There is a fee associated with submitting the application with SSS. SSS does waive fees automatically for families that qualify based on income levels submitted on the PFS application (families are no longer asked to request a fee waiver). 

Call (800) 344-8328 with any questions for NAIS about the online or mail-in procedures.

If you have questions about the Indexed Tuition program, please contact Mary Beth Kennedy, Director of Admissions, 347.384.2179..

Assessment of Financial Need The amount that a family should be able to contribute toward tuition is based upon the Parent Financial Statement (PFS), the Application Form explaining any unusual circumstances, and the current federal tax returns Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) Parents/guardians complete the PFS online. The underlying assumption of SSS is that parents/guardians have a primary obligation to finance their children’s education to the extent they are able. The amount computed for each family’s contribution of tuition is based on a “modest standard of living” as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Total income, assets, number of dependents, age of parents/guardians, provision for retirement, and extraordinary expenses are all taken into account in assessing a family’s ability to pay educational expenses. 

Income Tax Return Applicants must submit copies of their 2020 and 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns, with accompanying schedules, attachments and copies of recent W-2, directly to the SSS/NAIS.  A signed copy of The Internal Revenue Service Form 4506-T must also be submitted along with the other required forms. (No check is required). This form is a release from the applicant to the IRS allowing the SFS to obtain a copy of the filed tax return.

C'E Montessori reviews all files electronically through SSS, and can view documents as they are submitted. Final awards are based on contribution suggestions by SSS and diversity goals set by our school.

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Indexed Tuition Timeline

2021/2022 School Year
  • Aug 1, 2021 - All Indexed Tuition applications are due

  • Aug 15, 2021 - Indexed Tuition decisions mailed to families

2022/2023 School Year
  • Jan 15, 2022 - All Indexed Tuition applications are due

  • Feb 2, 2022 - Indexed Tuition decisions mailed to families

  • Feb 25, 2022 - Indexed Tuition decisions are rolling along with admissions decisions