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Education Director - Joanna Benjamin

Joanna Benjamin is the Director of Education at C'E Montessori. She is Brooklyn born and raised and is a welcoming beacon to children, parents, and staff members at our school. Her lifelong work in education led her to the guiding mantra: All children can learn.

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Admissions Director - Mary Beth Kennedy

Mary Beth Kennedy is the Director of Admissions and Parents at C'E Montessori. She is one of the founding families at C'E Montessori. She has three children at C'E, a set of twins in our Lower Elementary program, and another daughter in our Primary (2.5-5) program. She is our prospective parents' first point of contact as they learn out about our school and continues that work curating monthly family events and answering questions for parents throughout the year. Email her if you have any questions about admissions or if you would like a parent's perspective of life at our school.

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Culture Director - Sophia O'Brien Udry

Ms. Sophia is one of the Lead Teachers in our Primary classroom and our Director of Culture. Her work as a community leader centers on discussing and defining what it means to be a teacher at C'E Montessori and how to work towards accomplishing our school's mission. She collaborates with parents to narrow the gap between our classrooms and their homes - a job that begins even before children arrive at C'E. She provides educational guidance and events for families to learn about Montessori and our important work here at school. She also ensures that families have opportunities and space to reciprocate with their culture and community both amongst parents and with the children at school.

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Director of Schools - Fernando Camberos

Fernando Camberos is the founder and director of C'E Montessori. He was first introduced and trained in the Montessori method and the International Baccalaureate Program at Charlotte Preparatory School and has been in school administration for over 15 years. He has presented at Montessori and IB conferences worldwide about creating sequential curriculum to develop student voices and transforming progressive schools through accountability. He is originally from Argentina but lived in six cities in three continents before pursuing Education at Duke and NYU and settling in Brooklyn. Contact him with any questions about school, the power of transparency, or to share interesting thoughts about education in general.

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Primary Level Coordinator - Hanane Zayer

Ms. Hanane is a Lead Lower Elementary teacher and our Primary Level Coordinator. Her work centers around maintaining a top-tier Elementary program while creating cohesion through the curriculum and in our Montessori practice. She also drives some of the social initiatives at our school. She is born and raised in Queens and her family comes from Morocco. She is an experienced Montessori teacher but has also worked at more traditional schools in NYC and in Charlotte, NC.

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